Saturday, April 7, 2007

It Takes Team Work To Make The Dream Work

As I'm writing this post I'm looking at my Agloco stats and I'm pretty excited to hit my first 300 in direct referrals.

I've only been a member of Agloco since February 19th so, I only been promoting Agloco for 7 weeks now. I was one of the late people to discover Agloco and I thought I wouldn't be able to get so many people to sign up but I guess I was wrong. It's really easy so far... Well My extended referrals is sitting at 43 which tells me some of my directs are at least trying to promote Agloco. It was only about a week ago Since I Hit the Top 1 Percent of Agloco Members Promoting. Now My Official Goal is to be Point Zero One Of One Percent. I'm climbing the Agloco Ladder but now much more slowly do to the fact of the competition at the 1 Percent Level. To be honest I haven't really told any of my friends yet or anyone I know. Well that sounds bad right? Once I get to it I'll teach you how to tell people in person about Agloco but that's all in another Post. Now based on that Alone I believe that You can do much better than me. Today I'll tell you how I get my referrals and to me its really easy with no convincing or forcing people to sign up.

Now the only way I can succeed in this business is if my Team members who have joined with me can duplicate my success (numbers) and Once you learn this strategy you can teach your team members to do the same. So Now, Everyone is working together and making the dream happen. Quote "It takes Team Work to Make The Dream Work!"

First You need to understand How valuable you are and also everyone you refer into the Agloco Network. Please read Simmons Report On Agloco This will give
you more understanding of the structure of Agloco Dot Com

Now lets get down to business.

Almost 99% of my members are from Myspace. Do to the fact that there are millions of people on there daily and it's really easy to spread the word around.

1st Step:

1st thing you need to do is make a new myspace account. (keep business and your regular account separate). Create A separate email account too for business promotions.

example: My Agloco Space

Make Sure you put a video of Agloco on there too. My video's are located on
the right. You can also find them on Youtube.

You Can Download The Text Html File of My Exact Myspace Account HERE There's only 3 sections in the text file First About Me, Then I'd Like To Meet:, and Interest. It's in that order. Should be easy to figure out. Make Sure you change the Agloco IDs and Your Set.

Am I making this to easy???

2nd Step:

Once You created your myspace account and your ready to promote it. You first need to add friends. If you can afford to get a myspace adder then this is the best way to go. They're many different programs out there to automate this. If you get one... I recommend you get one with unlimited accounts, auto adder, and auto commenter.

If you can't then it's ok. Your just going to have to do it by hand and start clicking away.

3rd Step:

You'll be adding people to this account for a couple of days until you reach 50 to 100 people.

Now like I said earlier if you have that automater you can do 10x that. Let me show you an example.

1. say you add 100 friends to one account per day. You create 10 myspace accounts. Your adding total 1000 friends a day. 5 days of adding equals 5000 added friends. Not everyone will add you but that's not what your looking for. You created this space and since they seen your request there going to click on your account and read your myspace account. That's Great
because More Eyes see it More People Sign up. This is the best way to do it so far and do to my trials and errors you don't have to go through that step.

2. You should be seeing your agloco stats move up and also you'll see signups daily. For some reason, 20% to 50% won't look at your profile and just add you. at the end of your week (weekends are best) Comment on all the people who added you and didn't sign up

comment example: (Don't Copy Exactly Please Use in Your Own Words.)

Hey Name! Thanks for the Add. Just dropping by your page to say hi. Did you check out my page yet? If you haven't... come stop by. I have a Great opportunity for you and It's absolutely free no cost whatsoever. You Get paid to surf the web and Also You get paid more for referring your friends too. There even giving stocks to the members. The more people you have the more shares you get. Imagine if you were a share holder in youtube when it sold for 1.6 billion. Same thing here. Get in now and start referring your friends before someone else gets to them first. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain if it succeeds. Signup Here (Agloco Link)

Now don't comment everyday just once and like I said Saturdays and Sundays are best. Not only will there comment be seen by them but also there friends will see the comment too. (Viral Effect) More eyes, More Sign UPs.

That it. It's that easy. I only send One Comment. I don't force I don't try, I don't convince, and With little effort I get signups. The Greatest thing about it is that I don't really know them and They don't really no me but they sign up anyways. It's really simple. You only have to put maybe an hour a day or more if you like and If you really put some hard work into Agloco you will see some big results and you may even pass me up.

"Remember Bigger the Network Bigger The Pay Check"

Well Good luck on Your Promotions, I Wish You The Best, And I'll See You At The Top!!!

Please comment here if you have any questions or concerns about this method. Also Please Don't Be Shy Let me Know What You Think??? Post Below Now = )

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