Monday, March 26, 2007

Agloco Team

Akshay Mavani
A.K. coordinates strategy and represents AGLOCO’s Indian Members. He brings experience as an electronic engineer, and worked in sales and strategy in China and Hong Kong before attending Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Alex Tsai
Alex is AGLOCO’s resident product management guru. An economist and business major by training, he brings over eight years of experience in database marketing, ad-serving and rich media, distributed computing, client software as well as consulting.

Allison Cui
Allison is AGLOCO’s China specialist and represents our Chinese Members. She worked as a software engineer in Shanghai, China before attending the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Anne Sophie Mayos
Anne-Sophie handles AGLOCO’s website and her sense of style makes sure it is always up to date. Originally from Paris, she designed media information sites for millions of online users at France’s leading television channel.

Brian Greenwald
Brian works in business development at AGLOCO. A scientist by education, he worked in marketing and development for several biotech companies before attending Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Cannon Bonar
Cannon is AGLOCO’s ambassador within the teenage community. Currently a student at Central Middle School, he will represent AGLOCO’s teen Members (and he tried hard to think of a cool-looking name for AGLOCO’s).

Dan Jorgensen
Dan is AGLOCO’s Member recruiting coordinator. He worked in sports marketing and online advertising before helping AGLOCO create its network.

Javier Alvira
Javier is AGLOCO’s in-house blogger expert. A native of Spain, he worked as an engineer in telecommunications around Europe before joining Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Jim Jorgensen
Founder of AllAdvantage and Discovery Zone. Jim’s experience of paying $100 million to members in 1999 and pioneering the “returning value to Internet users” idea, is an invaluable source in guiding AGLOCO’s new Development Team members.

Moshe Pinto
Moshe is AGLOCO’s resident lawyer, he negotiates and executes contracts. Prior to joining Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Moshe worked as a corporate lawyer and political strategist in Israel and the US.

Nick Punt
Nick advises AGLOCO’s technological and community development. He worked as a video game designer and online communities’ product manager prior to attending Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Ray Everett-Church
Ray was the world’s first corporate Chief Privacy Officer, pioneering the field of corporate privacy professionals. An attorney and technology expert, he is responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of AGLOCO’s Member information and providing guidance on privacy and anti-spam issues.

Sam Flax
Sam is AGLOCO’s Chief Architect for the design of our economic network. Sam’s 30 years in Russia and then 20 years in the US give to AGLOCO a unique perspective on managing and implementing our database.

Steve de Bonvoisin
Steve coordinates AGLOCO’s communication and strategy implementation. Originally from Belgium, he has lived and worked on four continents and brings experience in economic consulting and as a reporter for a leading economic newspaper. He is attending Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Trey Reasonover
Trey is our in-house community dynamics specialist. He became a Web 2.0 addict after working as a strategy consultant, and attends Stanford’s Graduate School of Business


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