Monday, March 26, 2007

Aglco Checklist "List of Things You Must Do To Promote Agloco"

I've compiled an AGLOCO Free Marketing Checklist comprising of the Essential Free Things AGLOCO members should do either to kickstart their AGLOCO recruiting campaigns or increase their AGLOCO referral network to a level where it runs on auto-pilot.

This list is by no means exhaustive as I will extend the list as new ideas and suggestions come up. I have placed them all in order so that anyone can follow from the top to the bottom. You may edit and use this list for your own use in your blogs and splash pages. Here it goes:

Have You:

  1. Signed up for an AGLOCO Member Account?

  2. Registered for an AGLOCONNECT Forum Member Account?

  3. Created Your Own Free AGLOCO Blog?

  4. Submitted Your Blog to No.1 Google Search Engine?

  5. Submitted Your Blog to No.2 Yahoo Search Engine?

  6. Submitted Your Blog to No. 3 MSN Search Engine?

  7. Sent an email to to Get Your Blog Listed in the AGLOCO.COM's "Blogs around the World"?

  8. Submitted Your Blog To

  9. Place the button HTML Code from Members Area to Your Blog to Move Up Your Rankings by Visitors' Votes?

  10. Applied for Your Free Ready-Made AGLOCO Splash Page?

  11. Applied for Ad-Free Editable Web Pages for Your Additional Splash Pages?

  12. Applied for Your Free AGLOCO Traffic at TrafficSwarm - The Undisputed King of Traffic Exchange With Over 600 000 Members and Counting?

  13. Added All 10 Sites Given by TrafficSwarm to Your Splash Page and Clicked All Categories?

  14. Used TrafficG to Promote Your TrafficSwarm page?

  15. Created Your AGLOCO Squidoo Business Lens?

  16. Submitted Your Squidoo Lens to's AGLOCO Squidoo Category?

  17. Placed the HTML Code of Your Squidoo Lens to Rise Up the Rankings at Just Like This Lens?

  18. Exchanged Blog Links With Other AGLOCO Bloggers?

  19. Used Lovely Free AGLOCO Banners for Your Blogs and Sites for Your Marketing from

  20. Changed Your Forum and Email Signatures to Promote AGLOCO?

  21. Made Full Use of AGLOCONNECT Member Services?

  22. Participated in ALEP - Agloco Link Exchange Program?

  23. Had Your Blog Connected with AGLOCONNECT Link Exchange Program?

  24. Spread the AGLOCO List and Feel the Love the Internet Can Offer You?

  25. Looked Through Your EMail Address Folder and Sent Email to All Your Buddies?

  26. Started to Add More Content like Personal Thoughts, Experiences and Marketing Tips to Your AGLOCO Blog Rather than Just Yelling for "Sign Up for AGLOCO!" which many would be dead sick of them by now?

  27. Written Non-Spam Constructing Comments in Other Blogs which will Get Your Blog More Exposure?

  28. Thought About Promoting AGLOCO through Offline Advertising?

  29. Printed Your Business Card to Give Out to Potential AGLOCO Recruits?

  30. Signed Up for AGLOCO Powerful Viral Advertising for 20 Million Visitors?

  31. Get Another Quick-to-Register FreeViral and Promote in TrafficSwarm?

  32. Signed Up With the No.1 Revenue Program for Bloggers and Monetize Your AGLOCO Blog fully?

  33. Signed Up at Marketing Pond and Start Making Money From All the 100% Free Money & Traffic Programs Build SPECIALLY for AGLOCO Members - An Opportunity That Probably Comes Once In Your Entire Lifetime?

  34. Thought About Going to Other Communities like eBay, YouTube and Myspace to recruit new AGLOCO members?

  35. Read AGLOCO HYPE's "44 Articles To Increase Your Blog Traffic"?

  36. Read All of DOMINATE AGLOCO's Original AGLOCO Referral Tips?

  37. Pinged Your Blog to Update the Search Engines About Your New Blog Contents?

  38. Joined Technorati and Get Connected There?

  39. Submitted Your AGLOCO Screenshots to The AGLOCO Top Gun List When You Qualified?

  40. Suggested at least 1 FREE Marketing Suggestion to add to this List for the Growth of the AGLOCO Community?

If you have more ideas, do join in and voice it out in the comment section of this post and I'll update them in AGLOCO Marketing Checklist 2.0 in my later post.

Here's a thought: Sometimes I wish I'm the sponsor of John Chow, then I can just have 1 referral and still be at least one more than his total network. Maybe the next John Chow is already in your network, he just haven't woke up yet still waiting for the viewbar to be released!

As always, Every Little Effort Counts. Happy recruiting! :)


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