Monday, March 26, 2007

Are You the next Instant Millionaire

If you really think about who or what is an Instant Millonaire it really comes down to this. Either they accomplished something by working all there life... Really hard to achieve success Or... Just happen to be at the right place at the right time or simply just darn luck. Well I think it could be alittle bit of each of those.

Do you think most of these people that succeed were smart or do you think they were clever?

Lets Look at it at a Deeper Perspective

Bill Gates. Now I know you hear about him all the time. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard 1976 and in addition to being a college drop out he discoverd Microsoft.

You Probably know Michael Dell Right? He went to school at University of Texas. This Guy Also Dropped out of college and started his company DELL. He outsourced his company to India and ofcourse cheap labor = Huge profits. I think dell computers are the crappiest machines out there. But it works!

If you want to go to college and be book smart then thats the place to go. If you want to make money then It sure isn't a place to go. If those guys dropped out their must be something wrong with the school system.

What is the difference between these people and everyone else. They Gave up everything, College Degrees and everything else that goes with it. They took a chance in life knowing the risks involved to succeed. You have to take that first step, take that risk and take that chance no matter what it takes to make it work. Either your a go getter or just someone waiting for it to come to you. You can dream all your life but in reality.. You'll be waiting for eternal.

For some reason every person I meet are stuck in some kind of bubble. I think 90% of people are in this category. They always worry, They never take any risk, They always think about the beginning instead of the final outcome, Afraid of Failure, Too Skeptical, Even being to Analytical.

Everyone Gets many opportunities in life to be successful, rich, with abundance and the universe gives it to you every time with no exception. That chance in life could be right in front of your face and it simply could just pass you by and You might not EVER get another chance or opportunity again. I believe that people let things pass them by not just because of skeptism but also all the other things I've listed above. For instances, Google: Many People didn't believe it was going to work and people who jumped on it became instant millionaires or atleast made thousands from there stock investments. I have to be honest here I was told about it through a close friend when it was about 30 bucks a share. At that time I didn't have very much money so I had to pass on that. Now a couple of my friends became very rich from it and I let that opportunity pass. Am I scarred from that? Alittle. But Am I going to think about all my life and let it hold me back? probably not. Well I know some people out there that once something great happens and that they miss it, they become miserable and think about how this, how that, how it could of been, (All the excuses of not succeeding) and their just miserable people all their life. Dwelling on the past. You probably know a few people like this don't you??? = ) And I know some of you can relate to missing some great opportunities.

How about the others that just want to play it safe in life. They just want a steady job (To me that Just Over Broke) steady income, Something that is SAFE. These are what you called the 90% of the world.They Always worry about "what are my benefits with the company?" (Health Ins. etc) Am I going to get a raise? I need some more overtime?

These are the typical people which you will see in the traffic jams between 9 to 5.

Did you know 10% of the people in the world make 90% of the money thats being earned. Do you think it was an accident. It was NO accident it was designed that way and They knew one thing that you don't know and that can be simplified in 3 easy words: THOUGHTS, BECOME, THINGS.

There are 2 groups of people One: Clever People Two: Visionaries

Clever People:

You don't have to be the smartest or richest person in the world to be successful. You just have to be clever. Basically that 10% aren't smart they're Clever. What I mean by this is that They hire the smart people for them. Like for instance: Oh You have a degree in finance I'll hire you. I need someone to operate my sales: Oh you have a degree in business I'll hire you. And then these days there's called "Internships" Which they take advantage of college kids (For Free) To work for them to make there business grow even more. These are clever guys that know how to make their business grow



These Type of people have what I call Visions or Visionaries.

They Saw an opportunity that made sense, They saw a way that could turn their life around, They had some kind of gut feeling and instinct about it that it Just might work. That don't look at what happens from the beginning, They Look at the whole picture: The Outcome: The Possibilities, Not Worrying about the risk or dwelling on past experiences. When Some kind of Vision(or Thought) that comes to you. You have to act on that thought and trust it. When You get an idea or thought don't worry on how it's going to manifest. It will be shown to you. This is called "Law of Attraction" We Get what we think about most. If its negative thoughts, we'll attract more negative circumstances and if we think positive we'll attract more positive events and circumstances. You have to know when it's being showed to you and Your only job in this universe is to ACT. If you can grasp this idea and use it to your advantage than the possibilities are endless...

Quote " You can't sell someone a vision If I had to sell you on the vision then I would repeatedly sell you again and again. If you don't have the vision I can't give it you. You have to have it in YOU."

Well check out Agloco below. Agloco is giving all its profits to its members. Could this be another one you just let pass you by or Do You See The Vision.

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