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Agloco "Giving Back To The Community"

Today's hottest Internet businesses are all about the power of social networks. Companies like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube have become worth billions.

Agloco™ has asked a simple question: The users created the community, so where's their share of the profit?

Agloco™ has set out to create the Internet's first Economic Network, harnessing the power of Internet-based social networks to directly benefit the Members who help to create the community

In its simplest form this is how Agloco works:

- Agloco™ has developed a tool called the Viewbar. The Viewbar subtly displays ads and discreetly runs on your computer for 5 hours or less ever month.

1. Companies pay Agloco to advertise on the Viewbar.

2. Agloco™ pays you to take 2 minutes to install the Viewbar and Sign Up For FREE!!.

3. Agloco™ then pays you more if we build the network. i.e. after you sign up and install the Viewbar(no cost) , you tell your best friends to do the same.

4. Agloco™ pays by the number of hours the Viewbar is run every month, while you simply surf the web doing what you always do.

VeiwBar in action

5. More people in your network = more hours of Viewbar running = more money for everyone!

Why should I join now?

First, it costs nothing to Join and takes less than one minute.Second, you can help build the Agloco™ community by recruiting new Members TODAY.

Right now, inviting your friends to join Agloco™ is as easy and productive as it will ever be? but you need to invite your friends before someone else beats you to them. Remember, the bigger the Agloco community, the more attractive Agloco™ is to potential business partners and advertisers.

Invite your friends and family by contacting them through email. (But remember we have a strict anti-spam policy.)

Use your blog and your existing social networks, such as MySpace and Facebook, to contact your friends and encourage them to join a new community that will actually let them earn money.Be a part of the Internet? first Member-Owned Economic Community.

Direct Referrals

Extended Referrals

Why you should invite your friends?
You are paid for each hour that your direct and extended referrals surf (currently up to 5 hours/month). There is no limit on the number of referrals that you can get paid for, and your referrals do not lose anything in the process.

Build your referral network
As you tell your friends (direct referrals) and they tell their friends (extended referrals), you build up your own referral network. There is no limit to how many referrals you can have.

Increase your earning power
Members receive shares in the company based not only on their own use of the Internet, but also for the usage of all of their referrals. Members with the largest referral networks stand to benefit most from the community.

Share the power of the network
Like all networks, the power of Agloco (the economic network) grows exponentially as the number of members increases. Likewise, the company (which is 100% member-owned) becomes increasingly valuable as the membership grows. Both you and your friends can share in the wealth of the internet as members of Agloco

Viewbar Explained

The Viewbar™ is a small toolbar that rests on the bottom of your screen or browser window while you surf the Internet. The Viewbar™ software is what enables Agloco to collect the money you are earning while browsing the Internet.

The Viewbar™ keeps track of your online interests and preferences, and uses that information to deliver the most valuable message to you at the right time. Because privacy is a core principle of AGLOCO™, the Viewbar™ communicates with our secure servers in an encrypted fashion to keep your information private.

Some people have asked: Is the Viewbar™ some kind of Spyware? The answer is simple: The Viewbar™ is the opposite of spyware. Spyware sneaks onto your computer without your knowledge or permission, it steals your private information, and it?s nearly impossible to remove. Unlike spyware, the Viewbar™ is completely permission based, it keeps your information private, and you can always turn it off with a single click.

The AGLOCO Viewbar™ (currently in limited beta) is shown Above:

NOTE: The AGLOCO Viewbar™ is currently in limited beta testing and is not yet available for download. We expect that it will start to be available to download within 18 to 39 days (That's what The Official Agloco Blog Tells Us.) It will be released to Members in the order in which Members signed up. No testers are receiving any earnings while using the Viewbar™ in this testing phase. For now, we ask you to build the community, because both you and Agloco make more if you grow the community.

The Viewbar™ also has many additional features:

Search (which lets us get you money from search engine companies)

Contextual ads (which lets us get you money from advertisers)

Anti-fraud and other software utilities (which lets us get you money from software companies)

The Screen Shot of the Viewbar is Above

Signing Up is EASY

It's Easy And %100 Free!

1. Become a Member - Simple and fast. Entirely Free. Your Information is Private.

2. Invite Your Friends - Build your Referral Network. Increase your Earning Power.

3. Download the Viewbar - Viewbar Beta coming soon! Simple, useful, spyware-free.

4. It's Now Your Company! - Get your share of the Company. Get Cash and other Benefits

Signing Up

It is easy to sign-up and takes less than 2 minutes.

Membership is completely free. You will never be charged as a member of Agloco™.

All of your information will be completely private. We believe we have the best privacy policy on the Internet. None of your personal information will be sold, rented or shared without your permission.

Become a part of the next generation of the Internet. As an economic network, Agloco™ is helping shape the future role of consumers on the web. Join now and get involved in the future of the Internet.

Don't miss out. There is zero cost to becoming a member, so get in early and tell your friends before they are already members. Like most companies, those who are early and active stand to benefit the most.

This video below was created in early 2000 for the "dotcom" viral marketing phenom, The founders of the company explain the concept of an "infomediary" and how it works to benefit members by gathering and protecting their private data while leveraging it to gain benefits from marketers and advertisers.

Agloco™ is the re-venture of the AllAdvantage Viewbar concept. Agloco is a company that is owned by its members. By joining for free you can claim your share of the company and start earning money for simply surfing the internet just as you do right now! There will be no cost to its members EVER!

It's your Internet – own a piece of it.
This Video is based on their last company AllAdvantage in 2000. Agloco is The same concept and This is going to change The Internet!

Please Check Out The Videos Posted On the Right Side of The Page concerning Agloco.

Also, Here's an Interview of Agloco's Innovative Concept.


"What the RICHEST MAN in The World have to say about AGLOCO's concept?"

Bill Gates as The Riches Man in the world,

He told the world that he likes the member revenue sharing concept


"What the Billionaire YouTube co-founder have to tell about AGLOCO's future?"

Chad Hurley as the co-founder of

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) - YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley made news at a meeting of some of the globe's most powerful people Saturday. He told the world that The people building out the network NOW will be sharing in the 1.6 billion


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